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Julie started making jewellery as a hobby to relieve the stresses of corporate life in 2005.  Since then, she has continuously developed her skills and is now experienced in a broad range of techniques, specialising in silver clay, silversmithing, wirework and chain making.  Her jewellery reflects her passion for metal and semi-precious gemstones, with most designs being a fusion of these materials that showcase a beautiful stone or use silver to create interesting shapes and textures.

She has been teaching adults most of her working life.  She was a software trainer early on in her corporate career, and in June 2010 she left the corporate world and launched the Surrey Jewellery School, where she ran a broad range of classes from her studio.  In addition to this she also regularly taught at local schools and Adult Education centres, and ran demonstrations for groups and at events.  In 2019 she closed her studio and moved to West Wales, and since then has focused on her online academy, Learn Silver Clay Online.

She never tires of teaching others jewellery making – it’s a fascinating interest that just keeps on giving as you explore all the different materials and techniques on offer, and she loves sharing her knowledge and helping others develop their skills.

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