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Getting Started with
Raw Wool

Friday August 18th 2023

6-9 pm 

or Friday October 20th 

6-9 pm

Tutor Debby Mercer


including a fleecy goody bag 

In this workshop, you will learn about the characteristics of wool and how they impact the final project, how to sort a fleece into different grades and tips for washing your raw fleece.

The first step in creating a beautiful wool project is choosing the right fleece. Every fleece has different characteristics, and selecting the right one for your project will help you on the road to success.


Even one fleece can be broken up into different grades for different projects. Learn how to read your fleeces and group different grades together for big projects.


To wash or not to wash...or how to wash! There are many different ways and reasons to wash wool. We will talk about the differences, the pros and cons of each method and when washing is necessary.


There is no such thing as a useless fleece when you listen to what it wants to be!

To book please email using the email link button 

This course also goes well with Drop Spindle Spinning which is being held on the Saturday 

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